Well, another Turkey Day has come and gone without any major hitches. We had a total of twelve people over my parents place, which was fun. It was actually a fairly exciting weekend.

My bud Paul Ufberg came up on Sunday evening and spent some of the week at my place. On Black Friday – a crew of us went down to Atlantic City for some gambling. Played some Craps and won about $100 and then played some poker and lost about $100. So, didn’t really do great but it was a nice alternitive to shopping on Black Friday.

Pitt appears to be heading for a BCS Bowl Game, but to be honest, they do not deserve it. They really are not good but have somehow won enough games to possibly get one. Historically, Pitt fans do not travel well and it will be terrible to see a huge New Years Day Bowl game on national TV attended by 5000 Pitt fans. Ugh.