Turkey Day

Well, its the day before Thanksgiving. Probably my most favorite holiday. Why you ask? I don’t celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan or whatever holiday is popular this week. So, Thanksgiving has become the defacto standard in my house. Thank god it has slowly and slowly been reduced, by way of death, moving, break-ups or just plain not inviting, to just the four of us this year. What a wonderful day it will be.

Oh, I also killed my CDRW drive the other day. Blah. Another fifty bucks down the tube. I think it was in the middle of writing a CD and Nero crashed. But, the CD “WRITE” light was still on. Well, I turned the whole computer off thinking nothing of it, maybe a ruined CD and BLAM, the CDRW drive has yet to read a disk since. Sucks. Time to fire-up NewEgg.com and see what they got!