Dennis Miller, Krispy Kreme and NYC

I’m writing this from a NJ Transit Train heading from Hamilton, NJ to Manhattan, NY. A real miracle of modern technology, the USB based phone charger and data cable for the Sanyo 5300 mobile phone. I get great speeds (115 Kbps) and adequate connection reliability. (it has dropped twice so far, 30 minutes on the train) I’m heading to Manhattan again to aid in a Checkpoint Firewall-1 NG re-install for Cerberus Capital.

Had a great time last night. Went to see Dennis Miller live at The Borgata Casino in Atlantic City. I went with Alyssa Cherkin. She balked at some of his more conservative jokes (the Bill Clinton dings didn’t sit well) but all in all, we both laughed for most of the show. I played some craps at the casino for about an hour and won about $75.00. Not my best showing, but my continued winning record at the tables dating back from September, 2002 remains in tact.

Alright, now I’m just really annoyed. What has to be the fattest human being ever just sat next to me on the train. I mean, come on people…I don’t mind a little extra poundage, but this guy has just consumed 75 percent of the seat. Why is it that I need to squeeze because he can’t keep his fat fingers off the Krispy Kremes for a bit. Now, if I was as fat as him, he would not have even attempted to sit with me. Sigh. I need to plump up, maybe then folks would leave me alone People annoy me.

Well, we just passed the Newark Station and we will be entering the tunnel into NYC soon. Let’s hope I didn’t lose my connection again and lose this post.

Queens, NY – Ugh

I need to start always having a change of clothes with me. I had a small job in Queen’s, NY on Tuesday. I decided to drive up since I’m not very familiar with the subway system to Queens. Wow. What a nightmare. I awoke at 5:30 AM in order to arrive in NY at 10:00 AM. I was making great time until the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, where I waiting on the Staten Island Expressway for over an hour. I did not arrive in Long Island City until after 10:00. I was already tired and I had not even started working. Luckily, it was a pretty easy job and I was finished by about 2:00 PM. As I arrived back at my car (with a $25 ticket attached, thank you very much, NYPD) I got a call from one of my placement firms about my availability for Wednesday. They needed some Checkpoint assistance in Manhattan, NY on Wednesday. Arrggh. No clothes, no shampoo, no nothing. So, I drove all the way home, took a quick nap, made some dinner, watched some TV and then fell asleep around midnight.

I was back on the road again by 6:00 AM, on my way to the Hamilton Train Station for my train ride back into the city. Of course, I got off at the wrong subway stop once there. (I always do) Then took a wrong turn and ended up walking 4 blocks out of my way. Ugh, this city hates me.

Well, the good news is the client is happy and everything I was brought up here to do was completed. They have a boat-load of other problems but there is not much I can do about that. MCI and Verizon are in a pissing match over who will fix some of their dead T1s. I will help out where I can, I’m up here I should get paid for it. I’m meeting my bud Mark Clancy for dinner tonight, which should be good.