Turns out, I’m not as popular as I thought. I have been reading up on these new SPAM filters called Bayesian filters. Essentially, Bayesian filters calculate the probability of a message being SPAM on its contents. The filter learns as you receive SPAM (and inform the filter that it is SPAM) as well as when you receive good mail. Results are immediate and obvious. I used to come home to my Yahoo email (retrieved via YahooPOPs!, a must have ) to about 20 emails, of which 18 were SPAM. With my new Outlook based Bayesian filter called SpamBayes I have successfully cut my SPAM to ZERO today and real email to 3. Yep, it works, but now I realize that I get very little real mail. I’m going to continue to test for another week or so before installing SpamBayes onto my laptop and have it begin filtering my Mindspring account.