House Inspection

I have my house inspection tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM. I’ll bring the camera to take lots of pictures. Look for them to be uploaded soon enough. I’ll probably also print some out as well, as I would like to bring actual prints with me to Thanksgiving dinner to show off. Should be fun. I got a call from my realtor today and they moved my settlement day up by about two months…AGH! Have got to start scraping some cash together. I have enough for settlement plus a bit more, but I was hoping to have several thousand more available for some necessities – like furniture. Oh well, that is what credit cards are for. This on top of two weddings in about two months make for some exciting times, one of which I’m taking part. So, that means some added stress and expense associated with a tuxedo, bachelor party, the whole nine. Arrgh. Can’t wait until this is over and my life settles down a bit