Art Lovers Beware

So I bought my first piece of art for the house. Total impulse buy. I was browsing eBay at work, goofing off after everyone left for the day and saw these listings. I just really liked the look and feel of the stuff from the artist and placed a bid. I really need a big something for above the fireplace, so I think this might do well. We’ll see, worse case is it’s a $200 throwaway, not the end of the world. I don’t know. Whatever.

Large Appliances

I went to Sears and bought a washer, dryer and refrigerator. That was a real joy. Not. I decided I liked the Maytag Wide-by-Side design the best. It has an innovative design of the doors and internal layout to maximize the space. Seemed like a great idea and only Maytag made it, so I was stuck with buying that brand. It’s a bit more expensive then a normal side-by-side unit, but I got some pretty good discounts from Sears, so I’m happy. I also decided on getting a front-load Kenmore. I ended up with the #43042 Kenmore Front Load Washer and the #73030 Kenmore Front Load Gas Dryer. They are not as large as the Maytag Neptune units, but also not as expensive. They were on sale and they also gave me 10% off. So, I was pretty happy about that. Nothing like dropping $2000+ on appliances and walking away with a couple of pieces of paper. Argh. Delivery will take place after I settle, in late January.