Stats, Moving Company and a return to GSK

Never have I dreamed that so many people were checking out this stupid web page. I’m actually getting requests (and, you all know who you are…) for an update on the blog. So, here goes. It’s been, what, three months since I have even brought up MS FrontPage to update this thing. The reason? A combination of the settling into the new house, beginning a new contract that took be to both Indianapolis and Chicago and lastly blowing up my motherboard on the computer that I use for the updates. Well, I can finally say that I have begun to look for things to do around the house. This, by no means, indicates there is a shortage of things to do. Just, they are harder to find. I have left the contract that required all of the travel. And, lastly, I purchased a new Soyo Motherboard for the computer I cooked (static electricity bad for computers) and brought it back to life. So, here I am, it’s about 10:00 AM on Wednesday morning. I return to work tomorrow at GSK. Pretty excited about that. The travel was miserable. When I was doing all the travel for Citigroup, travel was enjoyable. I’d get there 20 minutes before the plane took off, settle into my first class seat, and have a great time. Now, I get there 2 hours before the flight took off and would barely make the flight. I’d fight everyone else on the plane for carry-on space, while they are bring on suitcase that are woefully larger then then allowed. Bah, it was such a pain. Now, I’ll drive about 15 minutes into King of Prussia to go to work. What a joy.

Well, not much else earth-shattering news. I’ve been purchasing things left and right for the house, as have my parents. Seems every time I see them, my mom has a handful of new knick-knacks to fill the empty spaces scattered about the house. My friend Paul Ufberg’s father, Howard, is hooking me up with a great deal on furniture for the living room and dining room. That should arrive soon. I’ll probably send my brother up to Scranton to pick that up, since he now has the Tonkaâ„¢ truck. (Inside joke) But, it is a good place to stick in a plug for my brother’s company, Great Rate Moving. Check it out!