Well, another Turkey Day has come and gone without any major hitches. We had a total of twelve people over my parents place, which was fun. It was actually a fairly exciting weekend.

My bud Paul Ufberg came up on Sunday evening and spent some of the week at my place. On Black Friday – a crew of us went down to Atlantic City for some gambling. Played some Craps and won about $100 and then played some poker and lost about $100. So, didn’t really do great but it was a nice alternitive to shopping on Black Friday.

Pitt appears to be heading for a BCS Bowl Game, but to be honest, they do not deserve it. They really are not good but have somehow won enough games to possibly get one. Historically, Pitt fans do not travel well and it will be terrible to see a huge New Years Day Bowl game on national TV attended by 5000 Pitt fans. Ugh.

New Site

Well, I finally moved the DNS on this new web site. This site is being hosted at my house, in my basement actually. I have a 6.0 Mbps DSL connection, so speed should be fine. Obviously, lots of changes in format, although the general content is the same. I hope to add lots of entries in the BLOG and continue to build this thing up.

So, keep tuned in!

Poker Torny

Mike and I held our first Poker Touranment this weekend. It went pretty well, with one of Gabriel Beitler’s freinds winning the big prize. 24 players x $45 entry fee = over $1,000 in prize money to the best players.

I didn’t take any pictures, thought that would be wierd, maybe next time.

Slowly but Surely…

New Website Coming Soon…

Well, this new site is slowly but surely making it way to production. At my current rate, I should have it ready to go by December. I’m still working out some of the bugs. I possibly may be trying to incorporate too much of the old site into the new one. Overall, the speed should be good and I’m looking forward to BLOGing a bit more. The old method was a pain but with WordPress, I can do it just about anywhere.

Having some trouble with the upload of SprintPCS pictures, which I thought might be pretty cool. But, the script isn’t working correctly – yet. I’ll get it.

I’m most impressed by the Gallery script. This has all the pieces of the puzzle that I want and need from my photos. I’m really excited about filling up this site with tons of pictures that I don’t have to spend hours on editing.

Hopefully, I’ll get some pictures from my 24-man Poker Tournament this weekend. We’ll see.