About Me

Every good web page has the obligatory, biographical page. Why should mine be any different? Let’s face it, you probably got here because you were looking for someone else and fell upon this page. It’s OK, don’t worry about.

I was born in Philadelphia, PA at Albert Einstein Medical Center to Susan and Jim Tobin. The date was February 21, 1975.

I grew up in Bensalem, PA. I have also spent time in Pittsburgh, PA, Philadelphia, PA and currently reside in Conshohocken, PA. I have spent a greater part of life in Marriott Hotels, traveling on business. I’ve spent alot of time in Sunnyvale, CA and Chicago, IL on extended stays of more then a year.

My education was the standard suburban life….

After my K-12 education, I somehow got accepted into the University of Pittsburgh. I still question that decision by them.

I’ve worked a variety of jobs during my short time on this earth, I’ve enjoyed most of them. At the age of 16, I got a job at Wood River Village washing dishes. Many, many dishes. The work stunk, but they paid above minimum wage and it was close to home. I’ve been a waiter for a local restaurant, I worked at K-B Toys (Still one of my favorite jobs) and have been a web developer. While at Pitt, I even did some writing for The Pitt News, writing a “Using the Internet” weekly column.

After graduating college, I immediately went to work in the Information Technology field – this was 1997. Computers and IT in general, is and continues to be, my true love. I embrace the term geek for all its negative and positive meanings. My first job was with a company called I/G OpenSolutions. It began a string of jobs working for pretty much, the same 3 people. Three of my best friends were originally co-workers at I/G and whenever they had a job opening, consulting position or paying gig, they would call me. For many years, I never wrote a resume or interviewed for a position. I owe most of what I do today and what I know to those three guys. They know who they are. If you are reading this…HEY!

Over the years, I’ve concentrated my work experience on Network Security, namely firewalls. For the last five years, I worked for myself, as an independent consultant. I enjoyed the freedom, the money and the different jobs. But, as I have gotten older, I chose to move to a more stable, growth oriented place of employment. I currently work for a large Pharmaceutical firm in the Network Delivery department. Essentially, I install new firewalls and firewall based solutions.

My hobbies are few and far between. I generally get bored quickly, so this is a hard item to quantify. One of ongoing loves has been driving. When I purchased my Boxster, my friend Mark convinced me to put it on the track. That started an addiction to speed that continues to this day. Although I rarely conduct the true speed events like Silver State Classic any longer, I still actively participate in AutoX events with my local Porsche Club.

Alright, I’m tired and that’s more than enough babbling. Hope you’re satisfied now. With any luck, my life will remain stagnant and uninteresting long enough that it won’t be necessary for this thing to be updated any time soon!

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