Opinion on Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

I have owned a mobile phone for a number of years. I think I got my first phone from SprintPCS just after graduating college, in mid-1997.

The proliferation of mobile phones in the US has been spectacular and I applaud the companies for making the handsets better and better while keeping the costs in check. In addition, the cost of service has been dropping over the years to make it more and more accessible to almost everyone in the US.

With this popularity, their use has become a commonplace in places that they should not be used. Although I have not personally witnessed their use in places that require silence, such as movie theatres or Broadway shows, they have become commonplace in places where they should not be used. Restaurants, automobiles, job interviews and casino tables are places that I have witnessed their use and it severely disturbs me.

Everyone thinks that their call is the most important. I’ve done it. We all have done it. But the mobile phones use in a restaurant is both rude to the people you are having a meal with and to the other people in the restaurant. People always talk a bit louder on the phone and this coupled by the fact that other people can hear your conversation, makes it a bad idea to talk while in a restaurant. In addition, talking on the phone while the other person(s) are just sitting there twiddling their thumbs adds insult to injury. No one deserves to sit there and stare at you talking to your mother. Your first priority should be to your companion and the people around you. This simply means turning the ringer off and not answering the phone. If you absolutely must answer the phone while at a restaurant, then put the ringer on vibrate and take the call outside the restaurant or in the bathroom. I don’t care where – just not anywhere near other people trying to enjoy a meal.

OK – I’m not the best one to talk. I have been guilty of talking on the phone while driving many, many times. That doesn’t mean I think it’s smart. I speed also, I think that is dumb as well. But, what are you going to do? Just do us all a big favor, buy a hands free earpiece. At least make a valiant attempt at safety. I purchased one and I love it. I try to use it as much as possible, even when I’m not driving. But, I have two cars and only one earpiece (I know, crappy excuse) so sometimes I leave it in the wrong car. In any case…try one out, you may like it.

Job Interviews
Well, this has only happened to me once, but boy was I annoyed. I was interviewing a guy for a mid-level SysAdmin position. Nothing major, but he certainly wanted the job. After about 15 minutes talking to him, his phone goes off. Ugh, so annoying. Of all the places to turn the ringer off, a job interview is number one. He didn’t get the job.

Casino Tables
This has become less and less of a problem as of late because Casino’s have either A) blocked mobile phone signals from entering the casino floors (not sure how, but it seems to be true) or B) asked people using phones while gambling to either stop gambling or stop using the phone. It’s plainly obvious why they have done this. If you are yappin on a phone, you are not gambling and therefore they are not taking your money. But, as an avid gambler that gets very peeved when my fellow gamblers are screwing up my fun, I agree with the Casinos to ban the things via one form or another.

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