Porsche Boxster Alternator Replacement

The alternator died on the Boxster so I decided to tackle this project myself.  I have never done a major repair to any of my cars, but figured I’d give the alternator replacement a try.  All of the articles on the internet and in my tech manual made it look pretty easy, so what the hell?

I decided to document the project via a video, so here it is:

Here are the links to the references:

PCA Auto Cross – Another First Place for Me!

I attended the Porsche Club of America Riesentöter Region Auto Cross. It was a prety good crowd of cars, maybe 60+ or so. Considering the Memorial Day Holiday, not a bad turnout.

I ended up placing First in my car class. This is the second first place for my in a row for an AutoCross, so I’m pretty happy.

I had Kim stationed on the D50 taking pictures and I had in-car video as well. Here is the link to the in-car videos.
For now, the stills will have to do…

Porsche Boxster Auto Cross