Trip to Paris France

Kim and I took a vacation to Paris, France with a side trip to Normandy. Overall, we had a great time, took lots of pictures and ate way too much food. The weather was not great, but we got through it in one piece.

Oh, one last thing – Kim and I got engaged on this attraction…

Eiffel Tower

New York City – 2 Days, 2 Different Reasons

Kim wanted to take a trip to New York City for the day to do some shopping and site seeing. We covered a lot of distance, seeing Rockefeller Center, eating at Stage Deli, walking Canal Street, seeing Ground Zero, and shopping at Century 21. All in all, a great trip for the day…pictures below…

Rockefeller Center

In addition, the next day, Scott and I were going to Madison Square Garden to see the Virginia Tech vs Seton Hall game then the Duke vs Gonzaga game. A great double header, to say the least. So, I made the trip up there again to check out those two games, taking lots of pictures as well.

The Blue Devil