PTY allocation request failed

My hosting provider, Razor Servers, recently moved hosted centers from the 401 North Broad St location in Philadelphia to a building right next door.  As part of my VM move to the new location, I was no longer able to SSH into the device.  I got this strange error about PTY allocation request failed.  In addition, the SPAMD process was not running on the box.  I tried to re-install SpamAssassin, I tried to re-install Exim and I even tried a complete upgrade of cPanel.  No go.  I thought the two might be related so a Googling I went…

After a good long while of Googling the problem, I found this site with my exact error message.  Via the web console, I checked to see if /dev/ptmx existed, it didn’t.  I ran the command as noted on the page:

sbin/MAKEDEV -d /dev ptmx

Restarted the ssh daemon:

service sshd restart

And, presto, I was able to SSH back into my box.  No idea why that file would disappear after a VM move, but it is all fixed now.